Alubia white(Navy) Beans

Nutritional profile: Per 1 cup (cooked, salted) — 296 kcal, 19.7 g of protein, 1.13 g fat, 53.6 g carbohydrates, 13.4 g fiber, 0.734 g sugar, 123 mg of calcium,  755 mg potassium, 880 mg sodium .

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Product Description

Alubia white(Navy) beans are another type of white bean. It is a dry white bean that is smaller than many other types of white beans, and has an oval, slightly flattened shape. They won’t hold their shape as well as Great Northern beans but are still hearty and mealy. They have a creamy texture and taste mild. They are commonly eaten in white beans and rice (a southern dish), navy bean chowder, and Boston-style baked beans. They also taste great in salads and tossed into various pasta dishes.


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